7th Grade Careers Unit

For the final assignment in the careers unit you will be responsible for creating a presentation summarizing your career research results. This presentation will take the viewer through the path of how one would find their way to get this career. The career that you will be doing your presentation on will be one of the careers that you detailed from your Career Guide Worksheet (the salmon colored one).






For this assignment students will need:
  • Career Clusters worksheet
  • Interest Profiler Worksheet
  • Self Directed Search Explanation
  • Career Guide Worksheet

Here is my example of what your presentation will look like. Below you can see how to set up your presentation.

Slide 1: Title Slide

Your title slide will have the career title in the main title and in the subtitle you will put your name


Slide 2: Your RAISEC code. (In Google presentations bullets do not automatically appear in the title and content slides so make sure you apply bullets when you begin to type)

This slide will tell the viewer about your RAISEC code that you wrote down on your Self Directed Search Explanation worksheet. You are to tell the reader what the code means. Do not copy word for word the description of each personality type, but instead, summarize what the personality means. Remember to use tab to make the dashes (white bullets in Google presentation) appear as secondary bullets.


Slide 3: Description of the Career

In this slide you will use the "About the Job" section from the the Career Guide Worksheet to give the viewer a general description of the career that you used. You must use the information from all three sections for this slide.


Slide 4: Career Cluster Description

This slide will describe the career cluster that the career you chose. Use the purple worksheets to provide a description of your career cluster and provide jobs that are related to your chosen career. Use the purple sheet that has the list of the 16 different career clusters as well as the description to complete the second bullet. Use the purple sheet called Career Clusters Worksheet to fill out the last three bullets.


Slide 5: Salary

In this slide you will tell the viewer what the salary range of your career is both on a national level, and in Wisconsin. You can go to the Wiscareers website to find out the entry, median, and experienced salaries in Wisconsin as well as Nationally.


Slide 6: Outlook

In this slide you will be using the Outlook Section of the Career Guide Worksheet. Tell the viewer what the expected outlook is in Wisconsin and what it looks like nationally. Also tell the viewer what the expected growth or decline is in the state of Wisconsin.


Slide 7: Educational Path
Let the viewers know of some helpful high school courses that you can take to get you on this career path. Tell the reader what education level the career requires, which, again can be found on the Wiscareers website.


Customizing your Presentation(Use the Hyperlinks to view the videos to format a Google Presentation)Watch the following video on how to add a theme to your presentation.

Watch the following presentation on how to insert clip art images.

Watch this video to learn how to add a saved image to your presentation.

(GOOGLE PRESENTATION PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!)Download the image below and add it to your salary slide. Make sure that you right click on the slide and then save it to your computers folder.dollar-sign.gif
Watch this video to learn how to add custom transitions to your presentation.

Watch this video to learn how to add custom animations to your presentation.

(GOOGLE PRESENTATION USERS THERE ARE TWO VIDEOS YOU HAVE TO WATCH)Watch this video to learn how to change the order of your animations and Please submit your presentation when you are finished.