Lego Project

For this project you will be using Legos to create a new toy. Your job is to create a brand new toy for children to play with.

Materials you will need:

  1. A box of legos (the one that matches your computer #)
  2. A digital camera (the one that matches your computer #)
  3. A computer


  • Build your toy using as many pieces as you want.
  • Take pictures of your completed toy (taking a picture on the carpet with the flash off may help reduce the amount of glare that comes off of the toy).


  • Take apart your toy layer by layer and take a picture of each part of the disassembly.
    • For Example: this is a picture of the "top layer" of my toy. This picture shows what pieces I need to use in order to put the last part of the toy together. I will post the rest of the pictures that I took so you can see what I took pictures of.









  • When you are finished you will take a picture of all of the pieces that you will need.

  • Next get a USB cable from Mr. Schwantes and import your photos using Image Capture
    • To access image grabber open Finder>Applications>Image Capture
    • Click on the name of your camera on the top left of your window then select all of your photos.
    • On the bottom of the window, change the import location from the Pictures folder to your network storage drive.
    • Create a new folder in your in your computers folder called Toy Pictures.
    • Rename your pictures by clicking on the name of the picture and hitting the RETURN key then change the name to some sort of description of what step your photo is for.
      • Example: Step_4 or All Pieces or Final Product.

Creating the Parts List

1. Set the margins to:

  • Top and Bottom: .5" click fix if it gives you an error message
  • Left and right: 1"

2. Create the Header:

  • Go to the view Menu and select header and footer
  • Center Align the header
  • Type your name and hit return
  • Type in your class hour

3. Insert a 1 x 3 Table

  • Insert a 1 x 3 table
  • Type the name of your toy in the first cell.
  • Hit tab until you have created a new row

4. Merging Cells

  • Select the Cells that you want to merge
  • Right click on the cells and select Merge
  • Center align the name of your toy and bold it

5. Add a third row to your table and then merge the entire SECOND Row and Add "Parts List" centered and bold.

6. Naming the Heading Row

  • 1st Column: Quantity
  • 2nd Column: Part Description
  • 3rd Column: Part
  • Center and Bold the Header Row

7. Entering Data:

  • Type in the number of pieces that you are going to need for one particular part under the heading quantity
  • Type in a description of the part that you used in the part description column
  • Insert the photo that you took of all of pieces.
    • Watch the video to learn how to resize and crop the photo.
    • HINT: to get rid of the croping tool click crop again in the toolbox.

Assembly Instructions

1. Creating the header

  • Open MS Word
  • Go to the view menu and choose header and footer.
  • Center the header type in the following
    • Toy Name
    • Your Name
    • Your Class Period

2. Creating the Footer

  • Double click down in the footer section in the left hand side of the page.
  • Right align the text
  • In the toolbox click on the page number button.

3. Create a Table

  • Click on the table icon and create a 6x2 table (six rows, 2 columns)
  • Click on the vertical line and drag it over to the 1.5 inch mark

4. Inserting the pictures

  • Insert the first step of the toy building process.
  • Resize and crop the image so that it fits into the cell and does not take up too much space.

5. Create the description for building the toy.

  • In right hand side column write your description of how you made that picture.
    • Make sure that you are using the same names for the pieces that you used in your parts list assignment.

6. Create the second Instructions

  • In the second row, insert the picture of the second step of the toy building process.
    • You will follow the same steps as 4 and 5 to finish the instruction manual for building your toy.
  • Print to the color printer when you are finished.