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In class you have all received a Mac Basics Notes Packet. For homework you must complete the notes packet by viewing the google presentations below. When you are finished with the notes please watch the videos that I have posted. as well as the questions posted on the Wiki. You may watch the videos or look through the Google presentations when completing the notes packet. You may watch the videos or go through the google presentations when doing your homework questions.

Mac Basics Part 1 Ppt.

Mac Basics Part 2 Ppt.

Mac Basics Videos:

Video 1: This video goes through the beginning of the Mac Basics Power Point presentation. In this video you will learn about the Mac Operating system, what an Icon is, why Mac computers are not susceptible to viruses...and much much more!!!

Video 2: All about Finder!!! This video will define finder and tell you what finder can do for you. This video also explores the different finder menu types including: Pull-Down menus, sub-menus, and contextual menus.

Video 3: Keyboard Mania!!! Ever wonder what the different keys on the keyboard were called? Me too!!! This video will walk you through all of the different kinds of keys on the keyboard.

Video 4: Are you an Icon? We will look more in depth at icons in this video. We will also learn about the different names that Apple uses for its icons. We will also jump into the dock and learn what it is used for and what it holds.

Video 5: Windows? I thought we used Mac computers? This video will go more explore some of the more advanced features of the windows that we will be using in computers class. (Yes they are still called windows even though we are not using Microsoft computers)

Video 6: This video will take you through the Apple menu and side bar of the finder window. You will learn how to force quit applications and find the easiest way to find your favorite applications and files.

Video 7: Our final Mac Basics video : ( This video will go through the application menu as well as the help menu. Bonus feature: as an added bonus I have added information about the common web browsers that we have on our computers at school! You're Welcome : )

Notes For Mac Basics Unit

Mac Basics Homework Worksheet

Mac Desktop

Mac Basics Crossword Puzzle

Mac Basics Review Sheet: (From Jeopardy game)

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