7th Grade Power Point Unit

All About Me Power Point
As an introduction to Powerpoint you will be doing an about me presentation. Your presentation will be six slides in length and will provide information about a really awesome person...YOU!!!

What you will need for this presentation:
  • A picture of you when you were a baby/toddler. (This must be a printed picture not brought in on a flash drive!)
  • A flash drive


Read through this document so you know what is expected on each slide. The first thing that you will be doing is inputting the text of the presentation without any changing of the text, background, or adding images to your Powerpoint (we will be doing this later). When you are inputting your text into the Powerpoint make sure that you are using bullet points and that you are indenting the sub bullet points.
  • To indent the bullets you can hit the increase indent button on your toolbar or you could hit the tab key.
  • To bring the bullet back you can hit the decrease indent button on the toolbar or hit shift+tab to bring the bullet back.

8x8 Rule:

Make sure that you are using the 8x8 rule when you are creating your presentation. This rule means that you are not using more than 8 words across and not going 8 lines down. To move text down a line without creating a new bullet point, hit the shift+return key.

Title Slide: A Presentation About Me

Your first slide will be your title slide. This is where you will have your title which will be “A Presentation About Me.” Make sure that you have your name in the subtitle box.

Second Slide: Your First And Last Name

The second slide of the presentation is going to be about when you were born. This will include:
  • Your birthday (I was born on...)
  • The city where you were born (I was born in...)
  • Your parents names (My parents names are...)
  • If you have siblings (This is where you would say if you have any brothers or sisters)
  • Any interesting facts about when you were born (if it was a day when something notable happened or if you share a birthday with someone famous.

Third Slide: School

In this slide you will provide where you went to elementary school and what your favorite class and who teacher was. You will also talk about Forest Park and tell the audience your thoughts on the school. This can include: what you like/dislike about the school, what your favorite class is, who your favorite teacher is, etc. This should be three bullets.

Fourth Slide: Class Schedule

This slide will have your class schedule for the days that you have class with me, so either your A-day schedule or your B-Day schedule. You will be creating a table to input this information. Make sure you watch the video(s) so that you know how to properly format the table.

Fifth Slide: Your Hobbies or Interests

This slide will provide the readers with information about what you like to do. You must come up with at least five, but no more than seven, things that you like to do or interests that you may have. You will provide a picture for each of your hobbies and they will appear as the bullet appears in your presentation.

Sixth Slide: Your Favorites

This slide will let the readers know about your favorite things. This is where you will list of at least five, but no more than seven, of your favorite things. These can include:
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite band
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite computers teacher
  • Favorite ice cream flavor

Formatting Your Presentation

Once you have finished typing in all of the text for your presentation you will work on formatting your presentation.
The first thing that you will do is choose a theme for your presentation. This will change the background and the text for all of your slides.

Next, apply a transition to your entire slide show.

Next, apply animations to all of your bullets (watch the video to make sure that you know how to do this). MAKE SURE YOUR ANIMATIONS ARE SET TO FAST!!!!

Take a photo of yourself using Photo Booth. Save the photo you took in photo booth in your student drive on the network. Insert the picture it into title slide of your presentation (do not drag and drop from photo booth to the presentation).

  1. Scan the picture that you brought in using Mr. Schwantes’s computer, save it on your flash drive, and insert it into the second slide.
  2. Insert pictures that relate to your presentation (use clipart or www.openclipart.org when you are inserting the pictures that is not your baby picture). AT LEAST ONE PER SLIDE NOT ON TITLE SLIDE OR THE SLIDE WITH YOUR BABY (LITTLE KID) PHOTO
  3. When you are finished please have me check over your presentation.
  4. Print so that you are printing 6 slides per page (all six of your slides will show up on one piece of paper).