Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows users to manipulate text documents such as reports, letters, flyers, and many more documents.

Microsoft Word Assignments.

Word Basics
A walk through to teach you the basics of MS Word
MLA Worksheet
Notes for writing in MLA style.
MLA Practice
Retype the MLA document as if it were your own. Make sure that you are following the MLA Guidelines

MLA Practice

MLA Report 1

MLA Report 2

MLA Practice

Sample Letter

Year in review Letter

In this unit we will learn how to format many different kinds of documents using Microsoft Word.

Assignment #1: Use the word banks to correctly label the two pictures on the screen shot of the Word window.

Word Basics

Download the Word Basics document in order to follow along with the directions given in class. You will not be printing this.

MLA Reports

MLA Notes

Download the MLA Report 1 Document and save as MLA Report1 - Your Last Name. Use your MLA Report notes to format this poorly formatted document into a properly formatted MLA report. Change the writers name to your name. Change the date to today's date. When you are finished please save again and print a copy to the black and white printer and staple a Rubric for MLA Report 1.

Assignment #4: Download the MLA Report 2 Document and save it as MLA Report2 - Your Last Name. You will again be fixing a poorly formatted report. Use your knowledge of MLA formatting to fix the report (you may not use your notes). When you are finished save your document and print a copy to the black and white printer. Staple a copy of rubric for MLA Report 2 to the printout.

Assignment #5: Proofreading Marks. Use the websites listed below to complete the proofreading marks worksheet. For this worksheet you need to fill in the right symbol and use the symbol correctly to make the example look like the revised copy.


For this assignment you will be creating a table that outlines your class schedule for the days that you have computer classes (either A-Days or B-Days). Follow take notes during the demonstration and watch the videos that I have posted to create your class schedule. Use your schedule to find the correct spelling of your teachers names.

This first video show you how to quickly create a table and add rows.

This video shows you how to modify your table.

This video show you the last steps in creating your class schedule.

This is what your finished table should look like.


  1. Create a 1 x 3 table (not a 1x4 as shown in the finished example I have for you).
  2. You enter all of your data in starting with the Header Row (Class Hour, Class Name, Teacher) then hit tab to create a new row below.
  3. Enter in the information for your first hour through home base.
  4. Once you have your entire days schedule typed in then select the top (header row) row of your table. Format the header row Bold, size 16 font, and center aligned. Make sure that you put a space between Mr., Ms., or Mrs. and the teachers last name and make sure it is spelled right.

  5. All the numbers (and home base) should be right aligned.
  6. Class name and teacher name should be left aligned.
  7. Click anywhere in the last column then go up to the table menu at the top of your screen. Click and then select the Insert option, move the mouse over to column to the right.
  8. In the header of the new column please type Room. Below the room header please type the room numbers that the teacher teaches in.
  9. Make sure that you make the columns only as wide as they need to be (double click on the vertical lines {make sure that you do not have any cells highlighted} when you get the double pointed arrow).
  10. Center the table on the page horizontally by clicking on the four pointing arrow, and then clicking the center align button.
  11. Center the table vertically on the page by clicking on the format menu>document>layout> vertical alignment>center
  12. Add a header with your name, class period, and the completion date by going to the view menu and clicking on header and footer (make sure the header is center aligned).


  1. Add a new row to the top of your table saying "Your name's Class Schedule".
  2. Apply shading to the title of your table and to your column headings.
  3. Have class hour and Class name appear on two different lines (same row).
  4. Change the font type, color, and size of your favorite class.