As the human resources manager for the company that you work at, you have been given the task of planning the end of the year party to celebrate another great year in business. Your CEO is allowing you to choose the theme, menu, location, decorations, and entertainment for the party. The CEO is allowing your to invite 500 people to the party which include all of the employees and their families.

If you have not yet shared a 8th Grade Computers collection with your teacher, please make sure you do. Make sure that you are giving your teacher edit rights. Also, make sure that you are organizing your documents so that they show up in your 8th grade computers collection.

Event Planning Brainstorming (On paper and Inspiration)

  • On a sheet of paper create a graphic organizer to lay out the plans for your end of the year party. Have your company name and event theme be at the center of your graphic organizer. You will then branch out with five different categories: Food, Entertainment, Beverages, Supplies, and Decorations. For your Food category you will create three more categories: Appetizers, Main Course, and Dessert. You will need to add at least three items for each category (appetizers, main course, dessert, entertainment, beverages, supplies, and decorations).
  • - Use these directions to help you create an Inspiration brainstorm diagram for the event you will be planning as your company's Human Resources Manager.

Event Planning Outline (Google Docs) Turn in

Mean, Median, Mode (make sure you read the directions)

Budget Limit (Google Spreadsheet)

PLEASE NOTE: These directions were created for MS Excel, not Google Spreadsheet so some of the directions will be different. You do not have to do the following things for this assignment:

  • Header
  • Print (Make sure it is in your computers collection and submit it using the submit form)

Budget Limit Chart (Google Spreadsheet)

  • Use these directions to make a CHART in your Google Spreadsheet of your Budget Limit spreadsheet data.
  • Again these directions were created for MS Excel. There are some similarities between Google Spreadsheet and Excel so please try and figure it out on your own using the directions first then ask for help

Shopping List (Please don't lose this)

Create a spreadsheet of your event items (Google Spreadsheet)

  • - Use these directions to create a spreadsheet of your Event Items!
  • Use a formula to calculate the total cost for your item. ( =click on the price number * click on the quantity number) Click return. Copy formula down by clicking on the blue box on the bottom right hand corner and dragging down to the bottom.
  • Creata a grand total underneath the last item and use the sum formula to add all of the items together. ( =SUM(click on the top number of the list and drag through the bottom number on the list) hit return)
  • Add an image that is related to your party (use insert>Image and search stock photos).
  • Add shading to the top row (Items, Price, Quantity, and Total Cost)

Learn how to use formulas

Create a pie and column chart of your items (Google Spreadsheet) Turn in

Invitation (MS Word)

Watch this video to see how to create an invitation.

Flyer (MS Word)

    • Create a FLYER for your event. Please design your flyer with the following in mind:
      • Set your margins to .5 inches (yes, a FIX window might appear and that's okay)
      • Have at least 3 pictures or pieces of clipart (Office clipart and // clipart does not have to be cited; any other pictures or images from the internet do)
      • Include information for Who, What, When, Where, Why
      • Remember yourDESIGN PRINCIPLES of balance, white space, contrast -- lay out your flyer keeping these things in mind so your flyer looks like a good professional flyer
      • Print your flyer to the COLOR printer and handwrite your name and class hour on the back. Put the finished flyer in the turn in bin.