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Tables are used in order to help you organize text along with numbers. The following assignment will go a bit more in depth than we did in seventh grade. Click on the links in the notes section to get more information about how to create tables if you need it.


This first video show you how to quickly create a table and add rows.

This video shows you how to modify your table.

This video show you how to center the text vertically on a page and center the table horizontally.

  • Click here to go to a webpage that will help you review table basics. (HINT: you can use the word help menu to help you out as well.)

  • This website will give you more information and help you finish the second tables assignment.

Practice Assignment

After watching the videos above recreate the table below. Make sure that you are aligning the columns correctly (Class hour and Room should be right aligned).



- After reviewing in class how to create Tables using Microsoft Word, please open this PDF file and keep it on screen. Follow the directions to re-create the table information correctly in your own blank Word document. Make sure that you are autoadjusting the column width and centering the tables horizontally and vertically on the page like we did for the practice assignment.