Copyright & Fair Use Resources

For a concise summary of the Four Factors of Fair Use, a four-episode Fair Use Q-and-A Podcast, as well as the "Fine Print" regarding Fair Use and various media types in the classroom, see:
  • The Copyright & Fair Use Website by Dick Diener and Randy Venne. Information at this site includes: Fair Use and Music, the original court ruling (1841) which established the concept of Fair Use, a podcast, and a nice summary page.

Six Options for Audio

Interested in using music in your multimedia presentation? If so, be aware that the use of full-length, commercial music - integrated into a presentation - goes beyond the limits of Copyright. Learn about music, copyright and fair use by studying the links below - especially the Copyright Chart which is an excellent 2-page summary of Fair Use in an educational setting. Stated briefly, up to 10%, but in no event more than 30 seconds, of the music and lyrics from an individual musical work. Here are five options for using in a presentation.
  • Ask permission to use a song (the process take a long time)
  • Mac users: iLife Sound Effects > Jingles (200 songs)
  • Mac users: use GarageBand to make your own background music (PC users: try Mixcraft by Acoustica; it's similar to GarageBand on a Mac)
  • Use Creative Commons music sites:
  • Use royalty-free music (such as
  • Embrace Fair Use > 10% of a song...
Remember to give proper credit for audio sources as you would for your source of text and images.Cite it if you don't own it!

iTunes: Use it to capture "Fair Use" segments (10%) of commercial music from a CD. Note that songs purchased at iTunes must be burned to a CD before you try this process. Use this handout; it works on Mac and PC:

Other Helpful Links